Winner of the Partnership with the NHS Award at the Mayor of London Awards 2018

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The SHREWD Resilience tool identifies pressures on the healthcare system in near real-time, supporting informed decision making by operational managers.

Before we had SHREWD Resilience, system leaders relied on daily emails and narrative from providers to determine where stress was in the system. This led to responses to that pressure being delayed, or not happening, or coming too late to make a difference.

Implementing SHREWD has led to an improvement in patient care. Operational managers can accurately identify which parts of the system are under pressure, and take action early to improve the situation. It also means that system on-call managers make decisions based on hard data, rather than relying on subjective opinions.

SHREWD also gives many opportunities for further development, such as the Escalation tool, which automatically triggers escalation actions when pressures reach a certain level, and a patient-facing app which displays live waiting times at A&E departments and Minor Injuries Units.

David Strivens

NHS Commissioning Manager, NHS Southampton City Council Clinical Commissioning Group

SHREWD Resilience has enabled me to supply real time data to council management and operational partners, which we weren’t previously able to do. Not only has this facilitated more meaningful day to day operational decision making both internally and with partners, it has enabled us to build an operational evidence base to inform management decisions related to service redesign. The SHREWD indicators are also identified in the System Resilience Plan. They are vital to the action plan which gives directives and action to staff at all levels in times of pressure.

Jacqui West

Health Interface Manager (County Wide), Kent County Council

We can all see at a glance where the issues or pressures are and we can generate actions based on real time information.

Simon Perks

Accountable Officer for NHS Ashford and Canterbury and Coastal CCGs

Since the trust has had SHREWD, we can see where we sit in the wider picture for the first time. This has meant that I can see which levers to pull and they aren’t what we may previously  have assumed they were. This in turn means that I am able to plan my escalation actions with confidence that we will be reaching for the right solutions. As my community based partners are using SHREWD, I have received offers of help I didn’t ask for because they can see that they are operating at OPEL 1 or 2 whilst the hospital trust is operating at OPEL 3 or 4. Once you have it you couldn’t be without it.

John Ferguson

General Manager for Acute and Emergency Medicine, Medway Foundation Trust

This system has transformed our working practices and saved significant problems. It has helped our operational teams and commissioners to really get to the root causes of pressure within the health economy.

Dr Mark Jones

Chair of NHS Canterbury and Coastal CCG and the East Heathcare

As social care Operations manager in a health and social care system, where the local authority are the sole funder for a number of Discharge to Assess beds in the community, it is imperative for me to be able to keep track of bed usage and ensure that vacancies are being pro-actively managed.

SHREWD has enabled me to add escalation actions, which will automatically alert me if bed occupancy drops to a certain level – this then reminds me to take action in a timely manner, to reduce the vacancy level.

This supports flow in the system, ensures effective use of scarce resources and is financially efficient.

Lorretta Rogers

Coastal Operations Manager, West Sussex County Council

KSS AHSN Head of Innovation Rob Berry believes that the key to SHREWD’s success is that it was developed collaboratively by those that will use it. “This is a great example of how the NHS, acting as ‘lead customer’, can work with an industry partner to create a product that addresses the specific needs of the customer. The benefits are mutual as the industry partner, in this case Transforming Systems, is ensured accelerated adoption. This mirrors the processes used successfully in the national Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare.

Rob Berry

KSS AHSN Head of Innovation