Research & Development

SHREWD NHS England South, South East Whole System View

A proof of concept system under development for NHS England South, South East. This module has two components; A strategic view of the regional health economy and an assurance and reporting module. The strategic view of the regional health system is being developed as a tool to provide support to on call teams. This tool allows on-call managers to pinpoint ‘where’ pressure is across a region within 3 seconds and access the granular detail to find ‘why’ its under pressure within three clicks.

Following negotiations with Ordnance Survey, NHS England and the Cabinet Office COBR team there are ongoing discussions regarding the development of a proof of concept system to provide live feeds from Shrewd for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex health economy into local, regional and ministerial COBR briefings.

SHREWD Prediction

Three years in development, Transforming Systems have recently won research funding for a further 3 years. The use of predictors to provide early notice of variations in demand has been around for a while and deployed with varying degrees of success. We are seeking a different approach with the algorithms we have developed based on the identified requirements of our NHS partners. Our aim is not simply to predict that the storm is coming, but to use Machine Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to identify how we might mitigate its impact e.g. demand in A&E will increase in 24 hours to X and you will need an additional 4 nurses and 1 respiratory doctor.

SHREWD Whole System E Beds

Originally developed and tested with Kent County Council. A community beds management system to enable real time view of bed states in community provision. This system is simple to deploy across any community beds setting including private providers and negates the need for a 3 times a day telephone call to assess the bed states. It is real time and a built in capacity prediction tool based on an electronic EDD.

However it has become clear during development that we need to share bed states and availability across a whole health economy and relevant providers in real time.  The system will identify the patients level of acuity, estimated length of stay and potential requirements post their hospital stay.  The aim is to considerably reduce delayed transfers of care by the right person ending up in the right bed with the right care along their patient journey, but planned from admission.  Potential partner agencies are in early stage discussions.

In early stage development

SHREWD Public Health

Early stage discussions with Public Health England. Using the real time feeds from primary care we have explored with Ordnance Survey the possibility of plotting these on a digitised map for early identification of outbreaks and clustering of certain health conditions, e.g. norovirus, flu, etc. This has huge potential as the PHE health syndromics are at least 7 days out of date. We can also map this against area based twitter feeds. Combined this could be simple and powerful early warning system.

CQC Shadow Dashboard

Early stage negotiations with pilot area work planned to start in 2017. The aim is to use the data we already collect and access a wider data set to a provide a real time view of a health providers performance against the CQC assessment criteria.