SHREWD Resilience

SHREWD (Single Health Resilience Early Warning Database) RESILIENCE

A real time view of pressure. Shrewd Resilience enables front line teams and operational leaders to identify ‘where’ pressure is across the health system within three seconds. Within three clicks users can get to the granular detail and root cause of ‘why’ the system is under pressure. Data is captured live or in real time wherever possible and shared with all providers across the health economy via a web interface and smartphone app. The system proactively alerts you to growing pressure and has a built in teleconferencing system that cuts teleconferencing time in half and acts as a paperless electronic audit system.

Key Features:


  • Accessible on any smart phone or tablet
  • Real time data from Ambulance Service
  • Real time view of Hospital Flow (A&E Waiting times, Admissions, Discharges)
  • Real time view of Community and Social Care Bed States, Staffing and capacity
  • Real time view of Primary Care
  • Real time view of Mental Health