Do you know what is happening in your urgent care system right now?

Can you see your system pressures changing in real time?

Can you see which parts of your system are responding in real time?

Do patients know where they will be seen the quickest?

Does everybody in your system have access to a real time dashboard that gives you a simple view about where system constraints exist?


Transforming Systems turns information into intelligence by harnessing the power of accurate data in real time to bring about system and organisational change.


Transforming Systems offers a range of real time systems and services that provide whole system visibility all of which have been co-designed and developed with our NHS partners.


We are currently providing real time data for 26 CCGs across England covering multiple providers including primary care, acute hospitals, 111, ambulance services, secondary care, community services, mental health and social care.

“We can all see at a glance where the issues or pressures are and we can generate actions based on real time information.”

CCG, Accountable Officer