Products & Services

SHREWD Resilience

• Provides a real time view of pressure across the whole system
• Uses a collaborative approach to design a bespoke view that’s simple to read
• Captures key indicators across the whole system
• Re-organises how we view pressure to provide an easy to read view from managers & clinicians

SHREWD Strategic (A & E Delivery Board Real Time View)

  • Provides live pathway metrics for A&E Delivery Groups & STPs
  • Enables managers to know if their A&E Delivery Strategy is working
  • Identifies common failure points & pressure in Urgent Care Pathways
  • Provides executive assurance and oversight

SHREWD Escalation

  • You never have to write another escalation plan again
  • Just In Time system designed in collaboration by all health economy partners which breaks down the organisational silo response to escalation
  • Experienced operational leaders re-design the escalation actions
  • High impact actions are brought forward from Red to Amber
  • Front line teams are empowered to deploy actions to adjust services around pressure in real time
  • Significantly reduces time spent by leaders managing system pressure
  • Buys 6-24 hours earlier response
  • Creates more pull in the system


  • An APP for Minor Emergencies helping patients to find the fastest most appropriate place to get health help

SHREWD Primary Care

Shrewd Primary Care was developed in Medway CCG with GP’s for GP’s. Agreements have been reached with TPP and EMIS and we are now working with the Encompass primary care vanguard to pilot the real time system.   This will enrich the real time view of pressure on GP practices and provide a view of “hotspots” e.g highlighting developing epidemics or pandemics in real time. see Shrewd Public Health in 3.3.